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Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional Bartender Like Pour Girls and Some Guys

You may know someone who has a Class 12 MAST permit, but:

  • Can they help you determine how much alcohol, mixers and non-alcoholic beverages you should have on hand based on your estimated guest count?
  • When they arrive and find cases of liquor, coolers of ice and tables strewn about the bar area, will they be organized and efficient enough to be set up and ready to serve your first guests within 1 hour?
  • Can or WILL they cut people off that have consumed too much so that your liquor liabilities are better protected? WA liquor laws read...

    "the host is liable for guest's drinking and driving accidents"

  • Can they manage large, thirsty crowds, possibly counting into the 100's, to ensure the lines do not back up, rather than chatting with their friends behind the bar?
  • Will they want to, and are willing to, work the entire event, while watching all their friends enjoy the party?
  • Our Pour Girls and Some Guys team members have dynamic, attractive and engaging personalities who know our business and how to make your event successful. You only get one opportunity to make your event a sucess, so make certain that quality professionals are handling this important part of it -- your liquor service.
  • We strive to make every event special, with efficient, outstanding service that demonstrates a passion for what we do.