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Helpful Information for Planning Your Event

Planning an event can be stressful! We are adding this section to help you think about some things that you might miss, which can have an impact on whether or not your event turns out how you wanted it. Sometimes, it is the little items that can make the difference between "that was fun", and "I never want to do this again". Having been involved in many events, I've seen a lot of these, and want to pass along some of this that could help you have a "that was fun" event.

Once you have decided to have your event, be it a party, your wedding, or a business function; you are going to have to determine where you are going to hold it. Picking a venue. Below is a list of questions I share with clients who are trying to find a venue for their event. I thought it would be a good place to start this section off.

Questions to ask before reserving your Event Venue

Apart from the obvious availability, capacity, menu and cost questions, there are a number of other crucial questions that shouldnt be overlooked when choosing a venue.

One key thing to remember that "venue speak" does not always mean something automatically comes with rental package. It may mean that it can be acquired for you usually with an additional rental fee.

Below are a few items you will want to consider when picking a venue. For a our most recent and comprehensive list, please click the link at the bottom of the page.
  • What do you offer for rehearsal dates?
  • Is ours the only event at the venue on that day?
  • Do you have a preferred vendor list or list of vendors that have been to your facility before?
  • Do you require a wedding coordinator?
  • Can we choose our own caterer?
  • Are food trucks an option for this venue?
  • Are we allowed to self cater?
  • Can we choose our own bartending company?
  • Do you allow us to have a friend as our bartender?
  • Does the bartender/ bartending company need to have their own insurance?
  • Can we supply our own alcohol?
  • Do you allow hard liquor?
  • Do you allow Kegs?
  • Is there an ice machine that we will have access to that day?
  • Is there a charge for the ice machine use?
  • How big is it/ capacity?
  • What photographic opportunities does the venue offer?
  • When will the venue room/s be available for decorating, etc., e.g. day before or morning of the event?
  • What parking is available?
  • How many cars will it hold?
  • Is there additional parking available?
  • Are taxis/ Uber readily available?
  • What is your staffs attitude if proceedings start running late?
  • What are the penalties if we run over time?
  • What part is our cleanup responsibilities and what comes with the rental?
  • Who deals with the garbage, and does the garbage and recycling require separation or special handling?
  • What items do you provide?
  • What do we have to rent? (Tables, chairs, linen, silverware, plates, glassware etc.)
  • Do you have a recommended rental company?
  • Do you provide separate rooms for the wedding and reception?
  • How long does the changeover take?
  • Where would our guest go during the change over?
  • Where are the dressing rooms for the bride and bridesmaids?
  • Where are the dressing rooms for the groom and groomsmen?
  • Is there somewhere safe to store presents?
  • What weather contingency plans do you offer?

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